Q:Will Tweakbench plugins run on my Mac?
A: Well, Sorta! I'd say download a copy of the VFX for Intel Macs Beta, and give it a spin! I'll be doing testing on all of them shortly, and let you all know what I find out!
Q:What about on my Linux box?
A: I've heard nothing but great things about DSSI-Vst.. so maybe give that a whirl? It uses the Wine libraries to handle the DLL calls that Tweakbench plugins need to do their magic.
Q:I love me some Tweakbench! What can I do to help?
A:Well the best way to help is to donate, but if you're broke, you can also add a link to the site from your site. Other than that, post links to Tweakbench on forums, blogs, where ever! I've also added some relevant google text ads to the right of the site. If you see something interesting, give it a clicky click!
Q:How do I install these plugins? All i see is a .zip file with a .dll and a .txt file inside!
A:The DLL is the actual plugin, and the TXT file is just for your own reference. You'll need to put the DLL file in the proper place for your VST host. Here are some of the more common ones:

Cubase - C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase SX\Vstplugins
Logic - C:\Program Files\Emagic\Logic 5\VstPlugIns
FL Studio - C:\Program Files\FLStudio\Plugins\VST

You should then restart your VST host, and do whatever it requires to 'refresh' the list of plugins. I'm not sure what they are for all the different hosts (I personally use FLStudio).
Q:I'm having an issue in Windows 7 or Vista, any ideas?
A:Windows 7 and Vista do not allow files to expand in your VST Plugins folder. This prevents SynthEdit VSTs from extracting embedded SEMs to disk. You can fix this by changing the folder's Permissions:
- Use Windows Explorer to browse to your VST Plugins folder.
- Right-click the folder - 'Properties'
- Choose 'Security' tab.
- Click 'EDIT' (You may need to click a UAC prompt).
- Select username "Users".
- Tick options Allow 'Write' and 'Modify'.
- To finish Select 'OK' to close the two dialog boxes.

Likewise some modules inside Tweakbench VST's write data to the SynthEdit program folder. Apply the same procedure to "C:\Program Files (x86)\SynthEdit" (64-bit Systems) or "C:\Program Files\SynthEdit" (32-bit Systems).
Q:Are these plugins really free?
A:Yes. They are 100% free. Here is what you CAN and CANNOT do with them:
You CAN make a commercial song with them, no credit is needed.
You CAN use them for educational purposes.
You CAN (and should) write music with them and give it away for free.
You CANNOT sell them on a cdr on ebay or at a flea market.
You CANNOT include them with your shareware collection, without permission.
You CANNOT bundle them with your hardware or software packages, without permission.

I don't make a single dime off of them and I really just like to create things that people find useful. If you'd like to toss a little cash my way to help pay for the bandwidth bill, please use this donation link on the bottom left. If you are getting really famous using tweakbench software, and want to help me out by name dropping in a magazine or liner note, just let me know, so i can buy a copy ;)
Q:What about sample rights and copyright infringement?
A:To the best of my knowledge, none of the plugins here use any samples or waveset that would cause any type of copyright infringement. If an issue does arise, i will definitely email all the members of the mailing list to alert them. I generally make it a rule to get permission, or read the fine print before creating anything that may infringe on a copyright.
Q:Hey! What happened to my favorite tweakbench plugin? It's gone!
A:I was 'retiring' some stuff, but now.. just head over to the archives