JANUARY 21, 2013 - still alive

Hey everyone.. just dropping a note here to confirm that I am still alive & well. I still have no great way of running the Tweakbench plugins on mac, but I have been working on some new Tweakbench ideas that might be showing up soon. Namely Ableton patches and Reaktor patches. Happy new year!

NOVEMBER 22, 2009 - tapeworm, peach, and toad SF2s in the bundle now

By popular demand I've taken the sample sets inside Tapeworm, Peach, and Toad (the only Tweakbench plugins that use samples) and saved them as SoundFont files (sf2) for use in 3rd party sampler programs. Anyone who now makes a donation and gets the bundle download will find a "bonus" folder in the zip containing these samples. Enjoy!
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MARCH 11, 2009 - tweakbench available for mac (sorta!)

more great news! at this april's musikmesse in frankfurt, SM Pro Audio will be showing the VFX for Intel Mac wrapper! This little gem should let OSX VST hosts load windows based VST .DLL files (like Tweakbench). I'll be testing this out shortly, and posting what I find. Give it a shot!
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