download bundle

after the tweakbench user survery, one feature that lots of people brought up was having all of the plugins in one download. this is a great idea, but would almost double the server bandwidth without showing any of the ads that help pay the bills! so, i've added the ability to download the bundle, but it requires a $5 donation via paypal.

the system is secure, and has been working well for everyone who has used it so far. all you need to do is click on these download bundle links to get your link.

NOW, by popular demand, the bundle will contain SoundFont (sf2) versions of the sample sets from Tapeworm, Peach, and Toad. They are in a "bonus" folder inside the bundle zip. Sweet!

download the tweakbench bundle

PLEASE NOTE: if you use the paypal echeck payment method you won't receive your download code until it clears (3-5 days), this system is completely automated, so i can't make any exceptions. sorry!

These plugins are also for WINDOWS ONLY. So far, 2 customers have mistakenly purchased these plugins for their Mac environments :(

happy tweaking!